Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aquarium Project 9/28/11

Hi! Our team, The Megaminds, are in the process of creating a beautiful aquarium for our school project. We will be provided with a 5 gallon Aquarium tank from Ecoxotic and will most likely purchase the remaining supplies from Aquarium Adventures using the money we will personally raise in team fundraisers.
This project entails a lot of research and time to complete it as well as much cooperation and collaboration within our team. There are five students in our group. There's Brant, Sahro, Jason, Misha(Malvika), and Liz.
Brant went to Aquarium Adventures on Tuesday, September 27th, with some students and a teacher to collect information on aquariums. Based on the information he gathered, we decided to make a marine aquarium because it is more uncommon and creative. Our next step is to choose the fish species that we will put in our aquarium and make an iMovie on how we will immigrate this species to a new environment in a safe and comfortable way.
~The Megaminds.

Here is an example of a Marine Aquarium. This tank is much larger than ours will be though. 

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