Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Started

Now that we have our aquarium, we want to get started immediately and get some progress on it before Winter Break, which starts on December 16th. Our Monday Aquarium Adventures visit was sadly cancelled, but we still have Tuesday! Brant is planning on purchasing sand to go in the tank along with some rocks and coral to get the main structure in. Also, some plants and a cheapo fish might be added in.
We are realizing now that we should have done more research in advance because Liz is questioning whether or not it is too early for a fish and plants. She believes that we should put the landscape in and let the water do a complete cycle before we add anything living to it.
The Megaminds.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally Here!!

After waiting week after week for it to arrive, we were pleasantly greeted by our aquarium today on November 17th! We set it up in class today and now the real work begins. We will be attending Aquarium Adventures on Monday and maybe Tuesday as well and hope to purchase structure for our aquarium and some basic fish. We also need to finish reading up on salt water aquariums because Liz got a $45 fine from the library for overdue aquarium books that we never got around to actually reading.
The Megaminds.
P.S. We are also mourning the loss of our dear companion and teammate Jason, who suddenly has left the school for good. Our team is incomplete. R.I.P. Jason, we hope you are enjoying your new school.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aquarium iMovie- Fish Species Immigration

This is our aquarium iMovie. It is about how we plan on immigrating our fish into our tank is the safest and most comfortable way possible for them. We have decided on purchasing a clownfish and some seahorses.
~The Megaminds

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aquarium Project 9/28/11

Hi! Our team, The Megaminds, are in the process of creating a beautiful aquarium for our school project. We will be provided with a 5 gallon Aquarium tank from Ecoxotic and will most likely purchase the remaining supplies from Aquarium Adventures using the money we will personally raise in team fundraisers.
This project entails a lot of research and time to complete it as well as much cooperation and collaboration within our team. There are five students in our group. There's Brant, Sahro, Jason, Misha(Malvika), and Liz.
Brant went to Aquarium Adventures on Tuesday, September 27th, with some students and a teacher to collect information on aquariums. Based on the information he gathered, we decided to make a marine aquarium because it is more uncommon and creative. Our next step is to choose the fish species that we will put in our aquarium and make an iMovie on how we will immigrate this species to a new environment in a safe and comfortable way.
~The Megaminds.

Here is an example of a Marine Aquarium. This tank is much larger than ours will be though.